Pen & Paper: A love story

I glance over my table
and there I see the two lying

Always in each other’s arms,
lost in a love undying

He misses her kisses , her scratches
and the way she playfully rolls over him

He travels to his world of fantasy
where the lights in his castle go dim

“To get soaked in the inks she bleeds”,
is the only desire he wished and grew.

He embraces all her colors with genuine love,
be it an inflamed fiery red or the serene blue.

On his skin, she imprints her memories
He keeps them forever, open yet concealed

Words she writes are his only refuge
Her strokes leave all his bruises healed

He loves to hang about
She likes being set free

Complementing each other, they weave
and share a beautiful poetry

The room has now turned darker
but the pen flickers in sunlight

It has lit the white soft paper
upon which, I have a love story to write.

~Khyati Tuli

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