Hello there!

I’m Khyati Tuli and I work as an IT professional in an MNC. I’m often accused by my friends that I’m that curious bug (जिज्ञासु) who has to know everything! I love to learn new things, listen to beautiful and soulful music, read, sketch, swim and explore this lovely life!

I am immensely fond of internet because it has taught me numerous things.

Being a huge art lover <3 I strongly believe that art lies in everything present on this beautiful planet. Be it the art of expressing emotions through music, or through the expressive dance movements of our bodies, the scribblings on a paper, the vividness of bold colours on a canvas, the representation of our thought processes through poetry, and the list goes on… It will not be wrong to say that – Life is an art. To live a life with respect, dignity, love and empathy, is in itself an art!

This blog is to share my these varied experiences and insights with you; sometimes too obvious and at times circuitous! I write about Life! I sketch about life!

Inviting you to this journey with open arms! 🙂