SketchBook- Piece of Advice

May be we shouldn’t question someone else’s deprivation of correct advices for their own selves.

May be we should be grateful to them for the fact, that their piece of advice could be the only piece we were missing.

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SketchBook- Radiant Mind

A wise mind is like a vast ocean full of knowledge. 🦉
It holds the capability to disperse a plain white light
into a spectrum of various colours of wisdom and creativity.🌈

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Say No to War

There’s more to the meaning of a war
than just what it appears.

It’s beyond just winning or losing it
It is also some blood and some tears.

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If Shoes could speak

Well you know, treat us good if you want favours.
We’re no Nike, we’re Prada!

Remember, if we shoes could speak,
your journey would be a saga!

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The Rainy Nights

Disguising myself in the rain
I seem quiet and meek
People see them as rain drops
but tears roll down my cheek

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